Honed on the world's toughest trails, every Intense bike is designed for incredible performance. Whether you're seeking out faster lines, taking on your mates at an enduro or going head-to-head with the best in a full-on DH competition, you'll find your perfect ride from our industry-leading range of trail, enduro and DH bikes.


Intense created the first true downhill race bike with the M1 back in 1993. We've continued our drive for innovation and performance ever since, remaining at the forefront of DH bike design while staying true to the original concept: to created the fastest mountain bikes in the world.



The Intense M16 is a world-class, downhill racing machine. With 240mm rear / 200mm front travel and boasting geometry developed in conjunction with Intense Factory Racing Team riders Jack Moir, Dean Lucas, Charlie Harrison and Nik Nestoroff, as well as Intense test pilots Chris Kovarik, Claire Buchar, and Conor Macfarlane, it'a a thoroughbred racer through and through. Intense was the pioneer of downhill racing bikes – and the M16 sets the standard.


The M16C is billed as a World Cup race machine, but it also worked extremely well in the bike park, where it felt just as at home boosting off the lips of a machine built jump run as it did plowing through the rooty chunder... When it does come time to pedal there's a very efficient feel, with much less pedal bob than you would typically expect from a downhill bike… There's a liveliness to the M16's handling that I hadn't expected, a trait that made it easy to get airborne and transfer from one side of the trail to the other at a moment's notice… The M16C is a fitting successor to the M-Series throne, a formidable machine that's capable of everything from bike park laps to full-on downhill racing... a bike that I'd imagine almost any downhill rider would be happy to own.

Mike Kazimer Pinkbike

In hard cornering situations, we felt like we could really drive the bike into the berm without loosing stability, rewarding us with additional speed…If you're a rider who demands the absolute most out of their bike, not only in terms of flat-out performance but with looks and materials too, then the M16C is a bike you should definitely put on your short list... Intense has continued to carry on their legacy of making the M-Series a top contender when it comes to a full-blown downhill race bike, one that loves going fast and tackling the nastiest of terrain.

Fred Robinson VitalMTB

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Make no mistake, the Intense M16 is a race oriented machine with World Cup pedigree. Despite its race derived DNA, its surprisingly versatile… For the majority of our testing, we tuned the bike for bike park style jump trails (because our backyard is Santa Cruz), but by increasing the high speed and dialing down the low speed rebound, the M16 felt composed on the gnarliest of rock sections… What impressed us most however was how the bike remained stable while still being maneuverable. The ultra stiff frame offers incredibly precise steering, which allows the front and rear wheel end to be placed wherever needed… To summarize, the new Intense M16 is fast as hell, easy on the eyes, and shockingly versatile.

Saris Mercanti MTBR

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With more travel and more aggressive geometry than trail bikes, our enduro bikes – sometimes called all-mountain – are ready to tackle the toughest descents with aplomb yet feature lightweight builds and excellent pedaling efficiency to take on climbs – whether they're on timed sections in a race or out exploring the trails.



The Intense Carbine combines bang up-to-date longer-reach geometry with fast rolling 29" wheels that give confident handling and help smooth even the roughest terrain. The Carbine also boasts our JS Tuned 'enduro link' suspension (155mm rear, 160mm front), which has been developed with longer links, and a carbon upper link, to optimize leverage curve, axle path and overall performance. All this makes this 29er speed machine a racer's dream.


…the Carbine's high-modulus chassis immediately feels solid, responsive and stiff.With a 65.5-degree head angle and 1.2 metre wheelbase, progressing to faster, rougher trails revealed a lust for raw, straight-line pace where the Carbine felt better optimised.Across blown-out rock gulleys and very chunky ground the chassis locks into every line choice without deflecting, and doesn't ride so low you need to overly stress about crunching pedals on rocks, which is pretty reassuring going fast… The new Carbine is beautifully finished, rapid and ready to rumble, with arguably maximum appeal for clock-watching serious speed freaks, rather than flicky, jumpy, berm-slashing types.


On the climbs, the bike shines with loads of pep and ground-hugging traction that allows us to clear craggy pinches with minimal tyre slip or pedal striking… the bike rides high, so spinning through chunder is no problem… It's a monster of a mountain bike, with gobs of plush suspension and raked-out geometry that makes it brutally fast on rough, chopped-out terrain. The stiff frame and responsive JS Enduro linkage ensures the rear wheel tracks the trail surface with impressive resolve, and you can confidently plonk the bike into some pretty hairy situations without fear of losing traction.

Wil Barrett Singletrack

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First up, the climbing position is spot on. We were able to climb efficiently, though the suspension remained active enough to provide excellent traction across wet rocks, roots, and around tight switchbacks. Even though the Carbine 29 appears ideally suited for high speed, we found that it was manoeuvrable in tight quarters and were comfortable dropping into tight chutes that would have seen some long, slow, and slack superbikes struggling. The Carbine 29 is also livelier than we expected from such a big bike, meaning that we could swap between lines and hop around more easily than some of the competition… All said and done, we hopped aboard the Carbine 29 and rode at nearly full speed after two rides, which hasn't been our experience with every bike and is a testament to what Intense has put together.


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The Intense Tracer offers up a modern trail geometry, with longer reach for a more confidence-inspiring ride. The JS Tuned suspension 'enduro link' has been developed and refined, offering longer links (including a carbon upper link) to optimise leverage curve, axle path and overall performance. With 165mm rear and 160mm front travel, the Tracer is an uncompromising 27.5" enduro race machine.


It's very rare to be able to perform basic set up, jump on a bike and instantly be able to ride at 9/10ths, but the Tracer allows you to do that. Sticky rubber and superb shocks help, but it's neutral in the best way possible and gives a blank canvas for you to work with - whether you want to go Jackson Pollock or Leonardo da Vinci on it. It simply devours rock gardens with very little loss of momentum and dives into the gnarliest of steep sections with abandon.The back end is brilliant too, refusing to get hung up on rocks or feed back unnecessary chatter to the pedals and offering excellent support both when cornering and simply hucking it to flat.

Jon Woodhouse MBUK/BikeRadar

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Intense, in collaboration with Cero Design Studio, has successfully reforged the Tracer from one of the more versatile trail bikes in recent history into a sharp-performing enduro racer that could double as an epic park shredder. Intense says that the 2017 Tracer is an evolutionary step, but I would describe the Tracer's transformation as a metamorphosis.

Richard Cunningham Pinkbike

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It's fast. Everywhere. It's built light and the geometry is right for up, down and along quickly… The overall feel is that of composure. It's poised, can be pushed hard, goes fast and faster…you've just got to keep up… It's very much at home blasting rough trails. Whatever lies ahead you have confidence in the bike's solid feel and sublime suspension to get you through at speed, look up and hold fast! This is one bike that really trucks on when it gets messy…The new Tracer is a rough terrain charger that's flat-out fast down the hill and punchy up. It's a lightweight enduro heavyweight. It really does do a lot of things well, it's versatile enough to use as an all-rounder for most everything and it absolutely carries a big stick.

James Love Singletrack

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The Intense Recluse is a skillfully crafted all-mountain machine. Featuring 150mm front and 140mm rear travel, and coupled with our proprietary JS Tuned Suspension, the Recluse will ascend with as much efficiency as it descends. If you're looking to push boundaries on the mountain, the Recluse will deliver the experience you've been chasing.


Long before we tested the Pro build in Northwest Arkansas, I'd spent weeks on an Elite build, rallying it on some of the steepest descents in Whistler, British Columbia, and tackling some of Southern California's toughest climbs. And when all the loam and dust had settled, I'd found it to be one of the most capable, versatile bikes that Intense has ever made.

Brice Minnigh BikeMag

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Once gravity started to take over, the Recluse breezed through switchbacks with more grace than I deserved, with the short chainstays allowing you to push hard through the corners via the back wheel.

Wil Barrett Singletrack

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At face value, the concept behind the new Intense Recluse seems clear, obvious even, though I can't think of many bikes that succeed so well in combining a quick and nimble trail bike chassis with such assertive all-mountain/enduro geometry and robust build kit options. Picking up a Recluse is like purchasing a 450 HP Ford F-150 Raptor over a stock pickup, only much cooler, really.

Brian Riepe Mountain Flyer Magazine

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Our trail bikes are designed to pull off that trickiest of tricks – a race-ready machine that can take on everything from blisteringly quick blue runs to technical rock gardens; a quick thrash on local trails to all-day epics.



The Primer delivers all the benefits of a 29er with the responsiveness of a 27.5. The aggressive short-chainstay, slack-head-angle geometry mated with the ultra-efficient JS Tuned suspension platform will completely change your mind on what a 29er is capable of.Don't think 130mm of travel makes this a timid little number – it's as fast, efficient, playful and aggressive as they come – perfect for UK conditions. When you're looking for a machine that you can pedal on all day and hit tough descents without breaking a sweat, reach for the Primer.


...Assume the aggressive position of a downhill demon and you are immediately rewarded by a feeling of blissful speed, most befitting of a smaller-wheeled and longer travel bike. We could honestly say that if a rider hadn't noticed the Primer was a 29er, they would never dream they were on big wheels once riding this bike; this thing really is a rocket ship.

Jim Buchanan Enduro MTB

…The Primer 29 may in fact, be the best performing trail bike that Intense has ever made… The magic of the Primer's uncanny performance cannot be traced to any single aspect of its construction, geometry or component selection. Instead it is all of those things that make it work… It's been a while since I've enjoyed riding a trailbike this much and longer still since I'd fallen for a 29er…

Richard Cunningham Pinkbike

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Okay, let's get this out of the way now; this is a fantastic bike… the bike felt beautifully poised in every situation I threw it down, and responded immediately to any shift in weight… A beautifully poised, beautiful, elegant, fast as hell trail bike, which would be as just as happy on an XC course, or an Enduro one…

Barney Marsh Singletrack

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